Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Da 239 - Celebrating the Everyday and I am a Weekly Challenge All Star!

Yes, my friends bloggers  I am a Weekly Challenge All Star! I am sooooo excited this has been a great day and it is a privilege! I love card making and I love Scrapbooking! Thank yo so much to 365 Card Blog!

So today's challenge is all about celebrating cards with everyday sorts of sentiments and themes. But you need to avoid specific occasions, including a Thank You, Missing You, Get Well, Birthdays, Holidays, etc.
So, what to make humm, I went through  my cards and found one of my favorite cards wich is perfect for this challenge.

My lovly Blush Babette Stamps from TGF! 


  1. Felicidades Ivonne,
    eres muy talentosa!!!te lo mereces...