Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day 231 Color Scheme

Todays challenge on 365 Cards blog was to make a card with these colors...
El reto del día de hoy era hacer una tarjeta con estos colores...

 The real challenge began when I found out I had to make some of these colors!
El verdadero reto fue darme cuenta que no tenia alguno de estos colores y tuve que crearlos.

This is the result my first Christmas card!
Y este es el resultado mi primera tarjeta de navidad.

I hope you like my card as always it was fun!
Espero que les guste como siempre me divertí.


  1. Hi Ivonne~
    Thanks for stopping by and become a follower....
    Love your cute card and the color combo....
    I also am your newest follower...
    Have a great day/evening....

  2. Gracias Diana!!
    Thank you Shirl you r the best I need followers like you!! :)
    Have a great day girls!!